What is its function?

It is a new technique, a conservative and reversible treatment, its function is mainly aesthetic, since it offers us to transform stained, fractured, worn or in bad position teeth, improving the smile in a fast and natural way, without deteriorating the structure of our own teeth, preserving their resistance and guaranteeing that there is ease to eat any food.


How is the procedure performed?

Normally it is carried out in three sessions, in the first one the impression is taken, which can be digital or manual; in the second one the tests and acceptance by the patient are carried out, and in the third one the lenses are cemented, culminating in the last one with shiny teeth.

The treatment requires the same maintenance as natural teeth, as these are preserved, therefore, daily hygiene and a visit to the dentist at least twice a year is necessary to avoid dental caries and preserve them in good condition. 

Are there any contraindications?

Some exceptions that should be evaluated in a previous consultation: Gingivitis (gum inflammations), dental mobility and severe bruxism.



  • Minimally invasive wear 
  • Permanent shine 
  • Smooth texture
  • Color durability 
  • Customized design
  • Power of adhesion 
  • Acid, alcohol and tobacco resistant
  • Painless, non-aggressive treatment
  • Raise self-esteem 
  • Beautiful smile


Implant 20% discount

Your smile is my favorite moment

Procedure performed by Maxillofacial Surgeon and Dental Implants with international certifications.


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Teeth Whitening 20% discount

Lighten your smile up to 6 shades*.

Lighten and eliminate stains in your smile up to 6 shades* with ZOOM! System. Treatment performed by certified doctors.

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Smile Design 20% Discount

Get a perfect smile

Improve the appearance and give new life to your smile. Treatment performed by medical specialists.


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Cleaning 2x1

Your smile is my favorite moment

It is a simple procedure that should be performed every 6 months and will bring many benefits to oral health.


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All on 4

All on Four consists of immediate placement of a dental prosthesis, performed by Maxillofacial Surgeon and Dental Implants with international certifications, COFEPRIS written guarantee. Also 3 months interest free, more than 3 months with interest of 1.75% per month.

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